california_sealUndocumented workers.  Undocumented aliens.  Illegal aliens.  Illegal immigrants.  Whichever euphemism is in vogue they all attempt to describe the pressing issue of people crossing the borders of the United States without permission; or initially receiving work visas and staying past the designated date.  On the horizon is an executive order to end all executive orders: President Obama is prepared to unilaterally grant amnesty for millions of people fitting the above descriptions.

So, let them come and stay.  With one minor stipulation.  They must all reside within the state of California.

The recently reelected Governor of California Jerry Brown stated back in August that all illegal immigrants can find a home in his glorious state.  “You’re all welcome in California.”  So, let them have it.  The residents of the Golden State have seen fit to continually elect Democratic representatives, giving that party complete dominance over the state legislature and the executive office.  Now, this is how you get things done in government!  Or, at least, this is how you get things done according to one agenda, based on an ideology driven by compassion and devoid of fiscal limitations and unconstrained by economic reality.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are two of many sanctuary cities in California where inquisition by state or federal authorities as to the citizenship status of residents has been deemed passé.  And really, who can blame them.  The effort to enforce existing law is a tiresome endeavor.  It requires the violation of the rights of those who have only basic rights to begin with, not constitutional protections.  Moreover, such intrusions would be mean spirited, not at all within the benevolent confines of the compassionate blinders by which the chosen powers that be choose to view the world.  Criminals or children, it doesn’t matter.  These people have families that should not, under any circumstance, even if public safety or societal solvency is at risk, be made to separate (even if the entire family could choose to remain intact and leave the country together).

Businesses in California have seen fit to employ illegal immigrants.  They operate with minimal consequence in the name of necessity and compassion.  They need workers to do that which (supposedly) American workers will not.  Never mind that income and revenue reflect a severe artificiality when these businesses and workers do not trade in an open market.  Illegal immigrants make much more than they would in their home countries, even though what they make is below any market minimum.  Despite the effects on pay, unemployment and worker safety, let these business operate out of necessity for low-skilled, low-paid labor while flaunting the critical bonds of free markets and legality.

So let them have it…

Hear ye, hear ye.  Come one, come all.  The Californian Progressive Agenda sends an open invitation for the citizens of the world to come and live in the beautiful Golden State.  Once situated, everyone can go to school, drive a car, get a job and, if they so desire, seek refuge through any entitlement program that is or will be in existence.  Our hope is to create an endless supply of voters that support the unsustainable promises of the party of the left.  High speed rail running on wind and solar through the fields and cities where every worker makes fifteen dollars an hour while living in a three bedroom, three bath and driving a Chevy Volt.  Disneyland on weekends.  No plastic bags.  And taxes to be paid by the millionaires and billionaires who have earned their living through no effort of their own.  After all, they didn’t build that.  Businesses don’t create jobs.

Elections matter.  Elections matter.  ELECTIONS MATTER.  California as a collective has made its bed.  The leaders, while not unanimously elected, are in office and have set an agenda.  So, let them have it.  The world is full of literally billions of people who would like to live under the protections of the United States.  The fact is that, in the existential name of survival, the country must be discerning with regards to which individuals enter and become citizens.  At times low skilled laborers are needed.  Other times call for highly skilled professionals.  The ability of an immigrant to aid this nation and assimilate to its culture is the proper measure when assessing an applicant for citizenship.  Those who have not even applied, taking full advantage of a feckless system, must enter the queue.  Meanwhile, they can all move to sunny California for a trial in irrational compassion.  Blessings be upon them courtesy of the duly elected executive leaders of the state of California and these United States.


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