A Government Despite Politics


“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.  In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.”

– James Madison, The Federalist, no. 51

Along the tumultuous road of political self discovery I have read and met all different sorts.  Some quite amazing, filled with enlightening pearls of wisdom.  Some boorish, obstinate and filled with poop.  A good friend who goes to great lengths to stay informed, learn and spread the truth, and who shares similar views, once offered this reflective adage:  “I wish I could go back to before I started learning about politics.  I was much happier.”  While not exactly a revolutionary epiphany (the same idea has been expressed ad infinitum as “Ignorance is bliss”) it does expose a cynical insight that relentlessly stalks well-meaning, law-biding and constitutionally-minded patriotic seekers of truth.  It also explains the omnipresent disgust felt by The Folks, which invariably and oh so ironically leads to the wide breadth of misunderstanding among the electorate fuels the false, fraudulent and overall poor application of government that exists in the United States today.

The Last Best Hope was created to promote the truth.  I encourage everyone, once informed, to take an active interest in the governance of this nation.  It is my goal to expose as many people as possible to the toolbox of constitutional principles that are the bedrock of our government.  Pro-constitutional principles will flourish when communicated clearly and without reservation; and following such principles will significantly limit, though admittedly not eliminate, the putrid, pugnacious politics from productive governance.

Believe it or not, governance differs from politics <insert sardonic laugh>:

Government is the necessary choice that humanity makes when faced with the uncertain future, in opposition to anarchy and, in our republic, the tyranny of both a mob and a despot.

Politics is the game; the “strah-TEE-jer-ee” that erodes good government.

“Playing politics” has lead to an almost universal disintegration of any respectful relationship (never mind trusting or mutually beneficial) between elected officials and citizens.  Governance, and by extension politics, has become an opaque, esoteric endeavor.  This behemoth bureaucracy bestows unwarranted authority upon unqualified yet credentialed officials and permits the unencumbered ability of said officials to control all aspects of business and private life.  It is exactly this burdensome ability to arbitrarily influence our society that can and must be restrained.

If our elected or appointed officials do not possess the power and ability to corrupt, it stands to reason that corruption can be limited: irrelevant earmarks, pork-barrel spending, fatuous studies, undue influence over business, etc. etc. ETC.  An educated citizenry, hip to the business-as-usual methods of complacent, can-kicking politicians, has the ability to restore the power to its proper base: with the people.

These high-information voters may not understand the entire layout of the federal budget but they can, through simple but focused informative study, learn what continuing resolutions really mean and what the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending really is.  They will learn practical politics, reflected in our two-party system; expand their platform to encompass multiple issues; learn the value of having a broad, united base of support; use moral-suasion to win over hearts and minds on what used to be divisive social issues and recognize that while such issues are held close by strong conviction, it is the fiscal profligacy that will doom this nation and make moot any rights to abortion or marriage.

It is my resolution to assist to create such high-information voters who will become righteous citizens, empowered to compel rigid adherence to the Constitution by our “leaders”.  Each article written will strive to inform and motivate the described action so that readers transform feelings of impotence into a genuine belief that We the People, the Constitution and voting matters.  The primary focus will be on the constructive actions that can move us toward such a government and exposing the deleterious actions that hinder or directly contradict such a goal.

Is this possible?

I recognize the shades of idealism peppered with delusion that some may find in my ludicrously lofty ambitions.  However, despite the cynicism that accompanies political study, I still see the United States as mankind’s hope for a better future.  Without this nation as a constitutionally-minded, free-market oriented republic, the world will become a stark, dark, desolate place where the value of the individual has become as inflated as the currency once printed with impunity.  Hope for a life better than the one born into will fade.  The tired, poor, huddled masses will have nowhere to go as the American Dream dissolves into a Global Nightmare.


Yes, we have many problems in this country: social, financial, racial and sexual.  Some substantial, some provincial.  No, the Constitution is not a panacea that will spread Kumbaya throughout the land.  But it can serve it’s purpose as it was designed to: guide the leaders of the United States as a blueprint for effective, freedom-based, rights-respecting limited government.  There is an amendment process to make changes as well as job descriptions for every elected office.

There will be disagreements and politics will play it’s part but the informed, high information voters will form a formidable force to counter and corral formerly unruly politicians.  The inspired electorate will take the reins to direct new leaders with Constitutional priorities.  It will be a fundamental transformation away from the progressive invasiveness of the last century encouraging genuine, substantial and wisdom based hope to affect real change for the future.

Wishing You All the Best for a Happy New Year!

“I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.”

– Ronald Reagan


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