Deus Vult or The Crusade of the Statist

crusades09_0Much has already been said regarding the president, terrorism and a recent prayer breakfast.  Below you will find links to two articles that provide further detail, opinion and specific quotes.  My perspective on this subject will be limited to a relatively few words that echo the sentiments in these previously published articles.  I simply felt that these editorials must be read, ergo, I am sending them out through the emails, twitters and internets.

To the rock dwellers, the president spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day and, to paraphrase, said that all religions, specifying Christianity and the crusades, have a history of violence that believers have justified through the religion itself.  He conflated present day terrorist actions by Islamists with the religious wars of a thousand years ago and attempted to make the point using the progressive medium of moral relativism.

This is the progressive ideology at work.

Barack Obama believes in the state and in the power of government, through himself at present, to right the wrongs of the world as he sees them.  I see no evidence that he is a particularly religious person (he went to church for years and does not recall the inflammatory words of Jeremiah Wright, his own pastor) outside of his never-ending faith in statism.  By equalizing the terrorists of today with Richard the Lionheart he seeks to level the playing field (or battlefield as it were) for all religious crazies and then present the bright light of secular government as the true savior of the people with none other than himself at the head of the church, err state.

The danger of his assessment and ideology lies in the fact that he is the current head of state, the armed forces and the free world.  And that he is actively diminishing the existential threats that we face from a group who believes that they have been ordained by God to conquer the world.  They are not random anarchists with no plan after victory and contrary to popular administrative opinion, they are driven wholeheartedly by their religion.

What happens if they win?

Take a look at the theocracies that exist in the world today, at what kinds of laws are enforced and how women and homosexuals are treated.  What religion dominates these lands?  And then look at the United States, the country that while founded in Judeo-Christian principles, expressly states that government may not establish any religion.  Regardless any particular religious belief, one system respects life and freedom while the other embraces domination and suffering.  By diluting the significance of the threat posed by ISIS, or ISIL, and like-minded followers of Islam, the president forsakes the goodness of our country.

Deus Vult- Latin meaning “God wills it”

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander Christians By Harping On The Crusades

by John Hayward

Obama’s Crusades by James Taranto


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