Cause He’s Black

453492520-1024x681And the hits just keep on coming.

Turns out the Ferguson police have a real problem being, you know, upstanding police. Their jackassery inadvertently serves up any defense of Darren Wilson, the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, with a nice side of taint.

Thus far, the police chief and the city manager have both resigned following a report by the Department of Justice exposing flagrant institutional incompetence, prejudice and overall mismanagement by the leaders of Ferguson, MO.  And now, two police officers have been shot during a protest demonstration.  (See Marine Sgt. Thomas Highway’s colorful reply to his commander describing the situation)

There have been racially disproportionate traffic stops, fines and incriminating emails that do serve to demonstrate a cloud of prejudice within the system.  And these findings also lend credence to the unsettled disposition of the protesters in this town.  But… if only it were that simple. (you probably saw that coming)

With most issues regarding current events, politics and how many licks does it take, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  As expressed by the New York Post, “racism is serious, and those engaging in it should be shamed — but we should have real evidence before accusing others of it. And every one of the Justice report’s main claims of evidence of discrimination falls short.”

Ferguson is a town with a population made of mostly black residents at the lower end of the economic ladder.  Thanks to another government overreaction, the pet projects failures of the Great Society, this particular subset of the American populace has been in a circular pattern that has served to exacerbate their economic ills.  And the current administration is only seeking to further exploit these citizens.

As implied by another post of mine, I am no fan of Eric Holder.  I see a man with a clear cut agenda to prove what he already believes at the expense of seeking out the truth.  He has opened federal investigations, utilizing government resources (aka taxpayer dollars) on both Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman.  Both men had been cleared by investigations, Zimmerman by a jury, and yet Holder persisted.  He has also blamed criticism of the president, and himself, on racist motivations instead of ideological differences.  Again, such accusations come with no specific charges and, just like his investigations, lead nowhere.  But the vitriolic words remain.  And isn’t that the point?

Exercise: imagine that you are a republican (please stick with me) and as impossible as it might sound, you don’t agree with the president on a particular idea.  Furthermore, you can articulate specifically why you disagree.  Instead of engaging in conversation or debate, your ideological opponents call you a racist due to your criticism.  What you are left with is defending your non-racist but ostensibly racist disposition, meanwhile, the conversation has been changed, leaving the dubious policies to play out, uncriticized for fear of further baseless smear.  It is a ruse to discredit the opposition without actually discrediting the opposition.

Just google criticisms of Obamacare, executive action on immigration, foreign policy in regards to Iran, and you will find a plethora of sources with substantial claims as to why the actions of the administration are found wanting.  What you won’t find are criticisms that state, “cause he’s black.”

Now I know, real racists aren’t just gonna come right out and say it like that right?  But when these “racists” are hiding behind sound reasoning, and moreover, their arguments are only refuted by logical fallacies of relevance rather that honest rebuttals, any thinking person should question the claims of racism, just as they would question questionable policies.

The police of Ferguson have had metaphorical targets on their backs for months courtesy of the Department of Justice.  They now have literal targets as a result of the fallout.  Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and the other purveyors of race baiting are at fault for these circumstances.  And so too, to state the obvious that is sometimes not so obvious, are the shooters.  They will be found, tried, and properly prosecuted in an indifferent (to race) court of law.  If the facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty, they will be sentenced to prison for a long, long time.  Not because the police are racists, not because Michael Brown was shot.  And certainly, not cause their black.


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