Israel’s Return of The Right


“Israel is the one country in which everyone is pro-American, opposition and coalition alike. And I represent the entire people of Israel who say, ‘Thank you, America.’ And we’re friends of America, and we’re the only reliable allies of America in the Middle East.”

-Benjamin Netanyahu

Life is granted upon birth.  Survival is not.

For early man survival was THE constant focus that required rigorous effort.  Food, clothing, water and shelter were not given tools upon self-realization.  They had to be scrounged and forged within a world full of hostile forces seeking their own ends.  Any human misstep could cost not only one life, but had the potential to extinguish an entire species, not two steps away from its nascence.

And so it goes with Israel.

Here is a video, that is also up on the site under MEDIA, that presents an overview of the problem in the middle-east:

The problem in the middle-east in a nutshell: one side wants the other side dead.  And the side that is to be dead doesn’t want to be dead. So, regardless of rhetoric, rigid ideology, criticism of foreign policy or accusations of unsubstantiated responses to “minimal” attacks, Israelis have once again seen fit to elect a prime minister of the “extreme right” persuasion. (I have yet to find an establishment mass media piece that refers to the Likud party in any other way.  Just like American conservatives, they are always described as “extreme” by the dominant liberal establishment mass media*)

Israel only exists because of its ability to defend itself against the foreign invaders who have, since its inception, sworn to wipe it off the map:

Iran making a plan to destroy Israel

A list of Arab threats leading up to the Six-Day War

A student at UC San Diego (Must Watch!!!)

Info on the 1948 War

Unlike the current administration in the United States, Israel does not have the luxury, time or inclination to assuage the feelings of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) when it cries about faux-Islamophobia, or psycho-analyze the motives of ISIL or Major Nidal Hasan.  Israel has rockets at the ready, to be used in counter-strikes in the name of national defense.  Bombs may explode, children will be kidnapped and synagogues are brutally assaulted.  That nation faces a daily existential threat, not from sociopathic headhunting pyromaniacs an ocean and a half away who ostensibly don’t know the true meaning of Islam, but right next door and just across a stretch of desert.  Benjamin Netanyahu understands this threat and is not afraid to confront its true nature.  That is why he was re-elected.

Bibi (nickname for Netanyahu) has been called out for his pre-election cry that Arabs were voting in droves, and he has since publicly stated his regret for making this statement.  He has been criticized for alienating his allies and for his violent opposition to a two-state solution.  (Ironically, the misnomered Palestinians aren’t too keen on the idea either)  And he has developed a tumultuous relationship with the current President of the United States.

But, to paraphrase infamy, what difference at this point does it make?  Israel wants to survive.  President Obama is a FINO (friend in name only) to Israel and has openly spurned the best interests of his “ally” in order to woo the charlatans in Tehran.  If the USA truly supports Israel, then support Israel.  Dismantle Tehran, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL et al.  Stop positing a Palestinian state when the very people who would receive such a state are not interested in COEXIST-ing. (my apologies for the dose of reality to the bumper sticker crowd)

There is every justification for forming an alliance with and defending a people who wish to live and survive a peaceful existence.  Especially when their enemies are our enemies.  Sadly, Israel has known aggression for its entire life  A nation formed from the ashes of the Holocaust, was present not one year before it was attacked.  Yet, it remains.  When it is attacked, it fights back and has long caught on to the cowardly manner by which its enemies fight: storing arms and military outposts among children, in schools and hospitals.  With Bibi at its head, Israel will continue to fight.  Because it must.  Against any manner of foe, with or without its tenuous allies.  The Israeli people, at least enough for re-election, know that this is the man for the job.  That is why they left Israel’s Right of Return to the (extreme) Right.

*The D.L.E.M.M. (dominant, liberal, establishment, mass media) was coined by Mike Rosen as an acronym of essential parts describing the media in the United States.


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