The Cover of the Rolling Stone


“We take all kinds of pills that give us all kind of thrills, but the thrill we’ve never known,

Is the thrill that’ll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone.”

– Dr. Hook, “Cover of the Rolling Stone”

The absence of principled conviction, as reflected in moral relativism, will inevitably lead to the dissemination of ideas that conflict with one another.  And in so doing, the unconfessed single standard hiding behind the supposed double standard will emerge…

It was never a difficult task to dissect the motivations behind the Rolling Stone story about a girl from the University of Virginia who had been gang-raped at a frat party.  This fed into the narrative of an ideology that knows that women are treated as a lesser species by the neanderthal caucasian men who are the source of all of society’s ills.  They hate for breakfast and rape for dinner.

So why bother to question other sources aside from the victim?  Why question the responses of her friends that could be called nothing short of in-credible (as in, NOT credible)? And when it was discovered that one of “rapists” was not even at the party, then…?

Doesn’t matter.  The cause is what matters, that’s what’s just and that’s what’s important.  During the games of the Final Four (as well as throughout the entire NFL season) we saw athletes talking directly to camera about how WE need to end sexual assault.  As though it is somehow OUR fault and WE need to assume some collective guilt over what is already considered to be a horrendous crime.  And that’s the point.  Get the story out there to spread a message so that even when the facts are not entirely clear, the narrative is what sticks.

Because when the truth isn’t good enough, make it up.

Sexual assault is a plague in frat houses and across college campuses, don’t you know? Even if these particular frat boys didn’t sexually assault on THAT particular night they were going to soon, so it is for the common good that the house was closed and their reputations trashed.  And if we have to “enhance” the definition of sexual assault, then so be it.

 “The Department of Health and Human Services identifies sexual assault as “verbal, visual, or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact or attention.” Under that definition, forced kissing can certainly constitute as a form of sexual assault.”  Not that forced kissing should be tolerated at all but when it conflates with gang-rape we have an ethical dilemma due to an ideological agenda.

But there’s a conservative war on women, don’t you know?  They want women (and men by the way) to pay for their own contraceptives.  Jerks!!!

So, if real assault, faux assault, kiss assault and contraceptive assault can merge into a stew of hostility that’s then fed to the masses from the spoon of Rolling Stone, maybe the “crimes” will stick, even when the acts didn’t occur.  No one thinks of kissing when the words “sexual assault” come into play and the folks at DHHS and Rolling Stone know this.  Its the classic bait-and-switch.  Billy Flynn, & The Old Razzle-Dazzle.

Because when the truth isn’t good enough, make it up.

Women and men have horrible, traumatic events occur in their lives through no fault of their own.  No one ever deserves to be raped or “brings it on themselves.”  That is why the penalties for sexual assault are very severe.  They are horrible acts that society has deemed worthy of drastic punishments in the worst cases.  And while women have had to struggle for equal treatment in professional areas and with regards to civil rights, those aren’t current bouts against the mainstream.  Everyone believes in the equal treatment of women.  (I’ll shamelessly refer you to the bogus 77 cents on the dollar claim in a previous post.)

When a woman comes forward to report an attack, what is the existing stigma that is so feared?  Rolling Stone just showed that a woman with no evidence at all could dupe one of the biggest magazine’s in the country into believing her.  There was also the alleged rape of a woman by the Duke lacrosse team that never occurred, but people believed it. (Sharpton even showed up, of course he did)  But the story sticks and schools hyper-react so that they cannot find themselves in a position where they are accused of not caring about rape victims.  And what about the system? The cops, the judges and the DA want nothing more than to lock up rapists.  Their problem is that they want ACTUAL rapists.

But men and women lie.  They lie when accused and lie in the accusation.  It is the job of campuses, the police and the attorneys to find the truth.  Leave the ends that suit any ideology at the door and FIND THE TRUTH.  It would have taken any one of numerous “journalists” at Rolling Stone five seconds to sort this out. (They all get to keep their jobs too in spite of this debacle.  Isn’t that special??)  But they knew the truth before this girl from UVA even walked in the door.  So substantiating facts became a secondary matter and they went with the narrative that must be true, according to their own beliefs.

Rolling Stone has betrayed the very cause they sought to push forth.  While I don’t believe that women will now be viewed as liars first who must prove their accusations or go home, the magazine has undermined the essence of credibility and in cases of sexual assault, credibility is key.  When accusations are all there are, how else can the truth come out but through investigation and tests of credibility?

The truth is the end worth pursuing.  Not the phony war on whomever it is there is a conservative war on this week.  Not the inequality that may or may not exist.  Find the truth!

True leaders, honest public servants and daring journalists park their ideological baggage at the door and leap into the unknown, grasping for the facts.  They search out and expose criminals along with nefarious actors because they do in fact exist, but not in this case.

And here’s the sad part:

Somewhere, maybe on a college campus, last night a woman was attacked and raped.

How is she supposed to report this today knowing what occurred at UVA when the truth wasn’t good enough?


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