Hands Up, Don’t Shoot = No Justice, No Truth

Passionate protesters pose in a posture proffering their surrender: hands up, don’t shoot.

originalThey seek to expose the racist underbelly of police forces across America.  They will force the country to admit to a social agenda that continually favors the white privileged class, allowing caucasians to prosper at the expense of their counterparts, relegated to minority status.  They will speak truth to power while taking it to the street.

Justice, truth and peace will be their sacrifice.

What these protesters seek is a progression of the cause, despite the facts, with the ends justifying any means.  The disparate specifics of cases like those of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in NYC are secondary to the priorities of the movement because it is not any specific wrongs that must be made right, only the vague premise of a racist America.  The case in Ferguson was a catalyst to start the “fire”.  It really does not matter to the protestors, or their demagogic supporters in congress, that no charges will be filed against the police or that the findings of the autopsy of Michael Brown are consistent with the account of Officer Darren Wilson.  Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot.  Yet that narrative remains.

Hands up, don’t shoot.

There are pictures of children making this gesture.  The St. Louis Rams had a few players with their hands up in a pre-game motion of solidarity.  Even members of the Congressional Black Caucus struck this pose on the House floor in congress.  A pose that was a witness fabrication, never part of the actual events and debunked as a falsehood.  A lie.

But the fact that Michael Brown was not shot with his hands up does not help the cause.  If white police officers only shoot in defense of themselves and others the questions of race may change from why white officers kill to why black perpetrators attack.  And none of that would support the narrative that white cops kill black men because they are black.  So the myth remains.

The stats regarding black-on-black violence are clear.  Over 90% of murdered black Americans are killed by other black Americans.  The stats regarding the dissolution of the nuclear family are just as clear.  Over 70% of black children are born into single parent households.  Single parents must work which means less supervision which means that children will be left alone.  Idle hands.  These facts are inconvenient to the protesters in Ferguson who find that the best way to emote and promote their cause is to burn homes and shops, and steal from the minorities for whom they claim to be speaking.  Ironically and predictably, the protesters quickly became the oppressors they swore to hate.  Yet the myth remains.

During the French Revolution enemies of the people were killed in various ways, sometimes guillotined, sometimes torn apart limb from torso from limb.  The status of “enemy” was ever changing.  Yesterday’s “the people” are today’s “leaders” and tomorrow’s participants in the headless hunt.  You see, the prevailing view was that the specific people had a chance and when the poor were still poor and hungry, it was the specific people in charge at that moment who were flawed.  The collective ideology based upon the greater good of freedom, equality and brotherhood was never in question.  So one group dies and another takes the reins for awhile.  As history tells, this experiment finally ended with the imposition of an emperor followed by the reinstatement of the monarchy.  Back in Ferguson, the guillotines still reign.  The leaders blame evil forces for the plight of the people.  Never the man who actually lit the match, fired the gun (unless he’s a cop) or robbed the store.

In NYC, the case of Eric Gardner raises legitimate questions that were not relevant to Ferguson.  The entire incident was caught on video and when Gardner was still alive emergency responders seemed complacent to assist the suffocating man.  This case shows that police, grand juries and frankly all authorities are not infallible.  They may act entirely contrarily to their stated purpose.  However, this does not mean that these cases ought to be conflated and placed alongside one another to be interchangeable examples of racism in America.

But that type of distinction is useless to a movement claiming: both men were black, killed by officers who were then exonerated by a racist justice system.  And that’s the point.  It doesn’t matter if Darren Wilson acted within the law because there are cops who don’t, like Daniel Pantaleo in New York.  What matters is that the myth remains in order to support a cause that instills violence, animosity and hatred into society.  This cause relies on misinformation, a sympathetic media and a pervasive case of white guilt.  This movement transforms would-be responsible citizens into ignorant victims whose only crime is being a minority (never mind that molotov cocktail you just threw or the crack you just smoked… it’s not your fault).

New leadership is needed in these communities.  Black urban centers must help themselves.  Federal aid, the wars on poverty and drugs, affirmative action, quotas, lower standards, free education et al.  They have not and will not work.  These actions have actually served to incentive the very behavior they are meant to combat.  Therefore, it is up to the individuals of these communities to rise above the dangerous turmoil that thrives on vitriolic deception.

Education, cooperation and investigation are as inconvenient to the leftist cause as the facts they would expose.  Self reliance and self esteem are the antidote to the poisonous hyperbole spewing from race hustlers and demagogues in Washington.  But a leader, or group of leaders, from within these communities, are needed to communicate and inspire a better way.  This leader must speak the truth to spread the light and quench the fires of hate burning in the hearts of those who have been taught naught but anger and resentment.  The people deserve a better way:

Heads Up, Live Right