isis-logo“If God be for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

There are people in this world that want to kill you.

You can be nice and sweet and lovely and liberal… and you will still be put to death.

Profess your love, your compassion, your forgiveness… and you will burn alongside the most hateful reprobates nevertheless.

It does not matter that Americans have thrived in a society based in freedom where all citizens have the ability to pursue multiple religious teachings in order to find spiritual guidance.  This group tolerates no dissent.

The group itself exists as ISIS, ISIL, IS or simply radical Islam.  The followers are known as Islamists and, quite aptly, fanatics who engage in various subversive and terrorist activities to achieve religious global dominance.  These actions can be openly barbaric, such as beheadings and immolation, or disobedient on a civil level such as blocking major streets in prayer and establishing so-called “no-go zones” in non-Muslim countries.  And in Dearborn, Michigan.

Google these words and explore their definitions in the context of Islam, radical or otherwise:

Jihad, infidel, caliphate, halal and sharia.  Learn about the process known as Islamization.  Here, every aspect of society is directed and governed based on an interpretation of the Quran, handed down by those in power.  See what Islam, not radical Islam but the theocracy that exists, looks like in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for women, Christians and homosexuals.  Learn of the distinctions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and how internal conflicts between Islamic groups affect the tensions felt the world over.  See how Muslims in all different nations feel about implementing Islam as the governing theocracy in our previously democratic societies.

Whether an accurate interpretation or a wild fantastical delusion, radical Islam is a very real religious system and people are going to die because of it.  We live in a nation where I can decide what I believe and what I call myself as far as my religion.  It strikes me as only fair to extend the same courtesy to anyone claiming to be a Muslim.  My religion, and common courtesy, teach me to leave the judgment of others, especially as it pertains to faith, to God alone.  But if it quacks, call it a duck.

Now, there is absolutely no doubt that most practicing Muslims are not involved in any form of threatening activity whatsoever.  As one teen notes, he cannot be held to account for ISIS anymore than I can and this demonstrates the very real distinction between radical and peaceful Muslims.  And Islamists are not currently taking over the world, Europe or our nation.  Not even close. But they are expanding because no one has stopped them.

The problem with the current politically correct American approach is that the considerations that our society has taken to respect the beliefs of others is now being used as a weapon against us.  The radicals can blend with the moderates and claim religious persecution right up until they blow up a Starbucks on the Sunset strip.  But, at least we can rest assured that all those half-caff soy latte lovers didn’t die in the name of the true interpretation of Islam.

That is still alive and well…


Deus Vult or The Crusade of the Statist

crusades09_0Much has already been said regarding the president, terrorism and a recent prayer breakfast.  Below you will find links to two articles that provide further detail, opinion and specific quotes.  My perspective on this subject will be limited to a relatively few words that echo the sentiments in these previously published articles.  I simply felt that these editorials must be read, ergo, I am sending them out through the emails, twitters and internets.

To the rock dwellers, the president spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day and, to paraphrase, said that all religions, specifying Christianity and the crusades, have a history of violence that believers have justified through the religion itself.  He conflated present day terrorist actions by Islamists with the religious wars of a thousand years ago and attempted to make the point using the progressive medium of moral relativism.

This is the progressive ideology at work.

Barack Obama believes in the state and in the power of government, through himself at present, to right the wrongs of the world as he sees them.  I see no evidence that he is a particularly religious person (he went to church for years and does not recall the inflammatory words of Jeremiah Wright, his own pastor) outside of his never-ending faith in statism.  By equalizing the terrorists of today with Richard the Lionheart he seeks to level the playing field (or battlefield as it were) for all religious crazies and then present the bright light of secular government as the true savior of the people with none other than himself at the head of the church, err state.

The danger of his assessment and ideology lies in the fact that he is the current head of state, the armed forces and the free world.  And that he is actively diminishing the existential threats that we face from a group who believes that they have been ordained by God to conquer the world.  They are not random anarchists with no plan after victory and contrary to popular administrative opinion, they are driven wholeheartedly by their religion.

What happens if they win?

Take a look at the theocracies that exist in the world today, at what kinds of laws are enforced and how women and homosexuals are treated.  What religion dominates these lands?  And then look at the United States, the country that while founded in Judeo-Christian principles, expressly states that government may not establish any religion.  Regardless any particular religious belief, one system respects life and freedom while the other embraces domination and suffering.  By diluting the significance of the threat posed by ISIS, or ISIL, and like-minded followers of Islam, the president forsakes the goodness of our country.

Deus Vult- Latin meaning “God wills it”

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander Christians By Harping On The Crusades

by John Hayward


Obama’s Crusades by James Taranto


Life, Liberty… or Islam


Incompatible with the principles of the United States

Once again the world is focused on the Middle East, that section of the world that knows perpetual war, fear and violence.  The actors, a group known as IS or ISIS or ISIL (all the same bunch of characters) have managed to accomplish what few in history ever could: the widespread agreement of the UN and all nations of the western world; albeit this concordance is the universal condemnation of ISIS as a terrorist organization.  Nothing brings people closer than the fear of a common enemy.

ISIS has pledged the destruction and triumph over the western world (that’s us).  They will bring death to the infidels living in these sacrilegious lands (that’s us too).  This group is radical enough to have been disavowed by those other wild and crazy guys of the region, al-Qaeda.  Despite the difference in deranged radical-ness, both groups have been driven by the same cause, justified by the same source.  As with the attacks on September 11, 2001, the validation for human rights violations like decapitating journalists on video and massacring unarmed naked soldiers has been universally proclaimed as punishing the enemy.   These actions are all rooted in one source: the religion of Islam.

Now, this is where sensitive, and much more public, fatwa-fearing writers make the allowance that not all Muslims want to attack the USA.  And this is undoubtedly true.  With over one billion Muslims in the world it stands to reason that they are not all fanatical jihadists who wish to see the United States wiped off the map.  These Muslims should believe in the religion they choose and be permitted to peacefully exercise traditions and impose its precepts onto willing believers.

However, what my limited knowledge of Islam, but my less limited knowledge of world events has led me to conclude is that Islam, as practiced in the world today, is completely incompatible with the basic tenets of the United States.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not standards found in the theocracies of the Islamic world.  It is a religion that, when brought to the forefront of society as a basis for governmental rule, leads to the subjugation of “non-believers”, violence and domination of one group over another.

Islamic countries operate under systems of government as directed by Islam.  The courts make  rulings, pass judgments and declare sentences based upon interpretations of the Quran and Sharia Law, the moral code and religious law of the religion.  The religion dominates the affairs of state and the results leave much to be desired in the realm of either life, liberty or pursuing happiness.

If tasked to find a code representing the antithesis of the US Constitution, Sharia Law would be a great example.  Let’s consider some of the highlights of this “moral” code:

– Women are subordinate to men.  Testimony by women is worth half that of men.  Women must cover their bodies.  In Saudi Arabia women have been protesting because it is illegal for them to drive a car.

– Homosexuality is a sin punishable by death

– Wives and daughters are regularly murdered in so-called honor-killings, in many cases because of the shame they bring to the family after having been raped.

– The use of physical abuse is permitted to husbands

– Stoning is a punishment for adultery

There are differing interpretations of the Quran and Sharia Law and defenders of Islam are quick to state that those enacting brutal punishments and waging jihad are incorrectly interpreting the text.  So what???  When brutality rules in the countries governed by this religion, moderation is not the rule, it is the exception that proves it.  And these voices of moderation have been outweighed by the cries of terror heard around the world by the victims suffering at the hands of radicals acting in the name of Islam.  They have been outweighed because of the overall deafening silence of moderate Muslims.  The voice that is only be heard in the reactive editorials written by the apologists of terrorism.

Where are the mass demonstrations in the European cities of the world?  Just a few weeks ago they gathered to protest the genocidal actions of Israel.  Where are those same groups now that ISIS is slaughtering Christians and Yazidis and threatening the western world in which these moderate Muslims live?  When the lunatics from the Westboro Baptist church were protesting military funerals claiming that God hated homosexuals, what did the moderate, ordinary citizens and Christians do?  They blocked those loonies, protested their hate and made it so the military families could bury their dead in peace.  They stood up and declared “Those people do not speak for us!!!”  Where are those groups, on any kind of mass scale in any part of the world?  There are significant Muslim populations in Paris and London.  Mohammed is now the most common male name in Oslo, Norway.  These Muslims live in countries where they need not fear retribution by the state for speaking out against their radical counterparts.  (whether they need to fear members of their own community is another matter)  They could form groups that say publicly that ISIS, Hamas or al-Qaeda do not represent their beliefs.  But they don’t, at least not on a wide scale.  As mentioned, there are some who speak out that violence is not allowed under Islam.  But then again, this is not encouraging when it is understood that the religion permits, under some interpretations, devout Muslims to deceive the infidel in order to further the cause of the religion. (see Taqiyya)

Swastikas are a sign of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism but they do not widely adorn the public communique of those religions because of the irreparable harm that symbol has caused.  When your crackhead brother robs and murders two people then comes-a-knockin’ at your door, you shake your head and close it in his face.  Doesn’t matter if you’re family.  If it did matter, maybe the crack-brother shoulda thoughta that before he acted crazy.  In order for Islam to gain any credibility, there must be a demonstrable, vocal, public populace that shouts, “THE CRAZIES ARE NOT WITH US!!”  But that cannot happen because the ideology, the religion, has always been one of violence, despite claims to the contrary.  I watch as journalists are beheaded in the name of Islam.  Should I believe the “moderate” Muslim editorial writer claiming that THAT it is not the real Islam and disregard my lying eyes?

Islam is not a religion of peace because actions make the religion, not the inherent goodness within.  Those who enforce its tenets, those who lead its countries, those who speak to the world on its behalf are not men of peace.  Their countries are not amicable democracies or bastions of equal rights.  Calls for tolerance only mask the violent reality.

The desire for diversity and compulsive multiculturalism have weakened western leaders, forcing them to be wary of calling out the violence due to fear of being called a racist Islamophobe.  This is why media outlets downplay the violence in muslim communities like Rotherham, England where 1400 children were abused over the course of 16 years by Muslim men and the authorities did nothing.

Violence must be recognized and confronted in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  The liberty of the United States must not be used as a weapon against us, as Islamists use the graciousness of our society.  Our country allows for the free exercise of religion and has made great progress to accept and respect people from all walks off life.  However, it has left us open to exploitation; the drive to impose multiculturalism has gone an’ jumped the shark.  Calling violence violence is now discriminatory and believing terrorists (also a discriminatory label) who say they want to kill us in the name of Islam is engaging in Islamophobia.  We may not offend the perpetually offended who condemn the United States but not the violent actors seeking to destroy it.  Up is no longer up; A is not A.

NO MORE!  Call violence what it is and recognize that the ideology and the underlying religion are driving these merciless demons.  Oust leaders who become cowardly accommodators to any group denouncing the United States as violent yet granting a pass to the Islamic world.  ISIS is a threat unlike any we have ever seen.  This is according to the Obama appointed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.  This group hates everything about our blasphemous way of life.  In other words, they hate our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness  They will kill you, your children, your parents, your dog.   But, if it helps you sleep, at least you will know that it’s not the religion that’s violent…

A great source of information can be found here

Please watch this exchange from UCSD with a Muslim student and David Horowitz of the Freedom Center…